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Welcome.  I am  a specialist metalsmith in conservation & restoration of antique metalwork.  I like to work with a variety of metals and traditional techniques such as chasing and repoussé, patination, oil gilding, lost wax casting, hand engraving, raising vessels and forms.  I describe my practice as a form of copper alloy fabrication that has no limits.

I originate from the Forest of Dean, and am currently based at the foothills of the Black Mountains, Herefordshire.  I have always been inspired by this ancient land of England and Wales with its truly dynamic landscape, which has enthralled my love and inspiration for both macro and micro textures that I incorporate into my creative practice.

My recent artistic creations have been bespoke copper signs for shop fronts, functional objects and unique house signs.

Please allow me to manifest your ideas!

Sophie Harris Metalsmith

Here are a few examples of the products that are hand made by myself in my workshop in the West Country, UK

Please CONTACT ME for further details on besoke metalwork.

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